User Menual

1. Add Product Category

Step-1: Go to Products->Categories.
Step-2: Add Category-> Name.
Step-3: Add Parent Category if any.
Step-4: If you wish, Add description about category.
Step-5: Dont Change, Display Type.
Step-6: If you wish, Upload category Image.
Step-7: Click on Add new category button.

2.Add Attribute

Step-1: Go to Products->Attributes.
Step-2: Add new attribute->Name.
Step-3: Click on Enable Archieves.
Step-4: Click on Add Attribute button.

Step-5: Click on configure terms right side of the screen.

Step-6: Enter name of the attribute term. For e.g.: If you have add attribute color then enter name like Red, Green, Blue, etc.
Step-7: Click on Add new button.

3. Add Product

Step1: Go to Products->Add New
Step2: Add Product name
Step3: Select Product Category.
Step 4: Select Variable Product .
Step 5: Goto Inventory and add SKU
Step6: Click on Manage Stock and Add Stock quantity

Step7: Goto Attributes menu and select custom Product Attribute And save Attribute.

Step8: Goto Variations menu.
Step9: select default form value and add variations click on go button.
Step10: Set Configuration in variation wise.

Step11: Set Product Image.

4.Set Today's Deal

Step1: Goto Deal of the day And Click
Step2: goto Deals and select product ,start date or end date,then click save change button

Step3: Click on General Settings and change one by one Settings and then click save change button.

5. Create Menu Items

Step-1: Go to Appearance->Menus
Step-2: click Edit Menu
Step3: goto Pages and check pages
Steps: goto Menu settings and check primary Button

6. Change About Us Page

Step1:Goto pages
Step2: Click On All Pages

Step3: click On perticulr page Ex: About US

7.Change Contact Us Page

Step1:Goto pages
Step2: Click On All Pages
Step3: Click On contact Us page

Step4: Change all detail in contact Us page

8.Check order

Step1: Goto Woocommerce->orders

Step2: Check Order

9.Add New Courier

Step1:Goto Setting->Aftership
Step2:Add New courier

10.Add Shipping detail

Step1:Goto Woocommerce ->orders
Step2:Goto track number and add Shipping Detail

11. Complete Order

Step1:Goto Woocommerce ->orders
Step2: Click on particular Order
Step3: Goto status and select dropdown in complete order

12. Check Return Product

Step1:Goto Woocommerce ->orders
Step2:Click on particular Order

Step3:Goto refund requested products and check particular order.

13. Refund Process

Step1: Place order
Step2: When order is completed it will display refund button in my orders
Step3: Click on refund button

Step4: Fill up requirements then submit.

Step5: At admin side , edit order page display refund request section.

14. Send Notification through Mail

Step1: Goto WP Email Users
Step2: Click on send em
Step3: Change all settings

15. Check Multiple Reports & Download

Step1: Goto MIS Report
Step2: Click On MIS Report
Step3: Check multiple reports

16. Add Images in Home Page Slider

Step1:Goto Soliloquy
Step2:click On Add New Button
Step3: Fill Detail

Step4: fill all detail

17. Add questions & answer in Chat Bot

Step1: Go to browser and search

Step2: Login your gmail account

Step3: Click create intent.
Step4: Add caption Training phrases.

Step5: Add response in response phrases.

Step6: Click on save Button.